Planning and Delay Analysis


As construction projects become increasingly complex and costly the importance of a robust and achievable construction programme has become increasingly important, to the extent that the Contractor’s works programme may be included in the Contract Documents.

Aspect Asia’s planning/programming experts are experienced in assisting contractors and sub-contractors to plan the works and to develop appropriate construction programmes to meet contractual completion obligations and construction budget/resource parameters.

Aspect Asia’s capabilities extend from simple programmes outlining the overall project construction sequence to fully developed critical path networks and resource loaded construction programmes.

The development of a robust construction programme will greatly assist in the monitoring of progress and the identification of potential delays as the works proceed.

Delay Analysis

Delay analysis is the process by which a delay expert establishes the potential or actual delay to the project that has been caused by a particular event or series of events.

In conjunction with a forensic review of the relevant project documentation and progress data, the effects of delays and the impacts of these delays on a project programme can be established. The result of the analysis will usually establish the time periods by which the contract completion date is to be extended and can be used to determine the extent of any associated delay costs or damages.

Aspect Asia’s forensic planners are highly skilled and experienced in analysing the impacts of delays and in assisting clients in the understanding of the issues on complex and multi-activity projects. Our experienced planners can assist with:

Aspect Asia’s experience will assist in determining the most suitable method of delay analysis. Examples of delay methodologies adopted by Aspect Asia are:

Being suitably experienced with each of the above techniques, Aspect Asia is able to advise on their respective strengths and weaknesses for each specific project, dependent upon the specific circumstances.

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