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Aspect Asia’s staff includes a number of RICS Members who make donations to the RICS charitable organisation ‘LionHeart’ each year. LionHeart is a benevolent fund for RICS members, past and present, and their families. The aim of LionHeart is simple:

‘to be there for members whenever life throws them a curve ball’

Lionheart’s mission is to help as many RICS members as they can, no matter what their circumstances. Rather than providing a 'one size fits all' service, LionHeart works with people to find out about their needs so they can provide a responsive and sensitive package of support.

Lionheart does not receive government or other grants and is funded entirely through the generosity of past and present RICS members who care enough about their colleagues to offer financial support through donations.

LionHeart is a fantastic charity and Aspect Asia and its staff are proud to support it.

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