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Public Engagement Commenced for Stage 2 of the Harbourfront Enhancement Process

Stage 2 of the Public Engagement Process has been commenced by The Planning Department in relation to the new Wan Chai North Point Harbourfront Urban Design Study in which the department is seeking views on the harbourfront proposals.

The Director of Planning, Mr Ling Kar­kan, speaking at the prize presentation ceremony for the design ideas competition of the Urban Design Study for the Wan Chai North and North Point Harbourfront Areas (the Study) held 11 June 2016, said:

"Victoria Harbour is a precious asset of our city. The PlanD strives to make our harbour attractive, vibrant and accessible. The new Wan Chai North and North Point harbourfront is an important component of the harbour. Through various public engagement activities, we look forward to working with the community to create a harbourfront that represents Hong Kong."

The proposals have been refined following consideration of the views collected during Stage 1 of the public engagement exercise. Some of the points that have drawn particular attention include:

  • Maintaining the local character and heritage;
  • Enhancing the vibrancy;
  • Adopting a user friendly design;
  • Promoting pedestrian connectivity;
  • Addressing parking issues; and
  • Loading and un-loading requirements.

Stage 2 of the Public Engagement Process will last until 20 August 2016 and will take the form of roving exhibitions, public workshops and consultations with District Councils.

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