Stonecutters Bridge


Project Background

The construction of Stonecutters Bridge, consisted of a main span of 1,018m and back spans of 289m each, giving a combined total span of 1,595m straddling the Rambler Channel at the entrance to the Kwai Chung Container Port and forms part of Route 8 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan.

The two main towers are approximately 298m high with back span piers of 70m to 77m high. The deck is formed from two longitudinal composite steel girders each 18.4m wide, separated by a central gap approximately 14.15m wide. The main span and the first 49m of each back span are fabricated in steel. The remaining 240m of each back span is constructed from post tensioned reinforced concrete.

The towers are reinforced concrete up to the cable anchorage points in the upper tower, after which they are constructed in composite steel and reinforced concrete with a light beacon at the tower top.

Aspect Asia’s Involvement

Aspect Asia was appointed to provide long-term support to the Joint Venture’s Contract Management and Commercial Teams with the research and preparation of contractual claims for additional payment arising from delay to and disruption of the Works.

Aspect Asia’s staff were seconded to the Joint Venture on a long-term basis and worked alongside the Client’s staff in the site offices to promote full communication/liaison between the Joint Venture’s technical and operations staff and the Commercial Team to ensure optimisation of resources on a number of technically challenging claims submissions.

Specifically, Aspect Asia was instructed to prepare a suite of detailed claims particulars in respect of the following:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of Steel Deck Gantries;
  • Delays to Key Dates;
  • Heavy Lift Installations;
  • Tower Maintenance Units;
  • Prolongation Costs;
  • Management of Change.

In addition, Aspect Asia was retained by the Joint Venture’s Claims Team to assist with the compilation and presentation of supporting particulars for a series of subsequent arbitrations.

Project Information

Client Maeda-Hitachi-Yokogawa-Hsin Chong Joint Venture
Location Hong Kong
Services Provision of Contractual and Commercial Assistance, Claims Preparation
Tag Civil Engineering; Infrastructure; Transportation;